Kramer, Linkie, and Taylor: Robosigned Affidavit?

A consumer alleges that Kramer, Linkie, and Taylor, former Mann Bracken employees, used a robosigned affidavit.

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Pinnacle Debt Collectors: Hospital Bill Scam?

Read about what is most likely a “hospital bill scam” by Pinnacle Debt Collectors here.

If you need a debt validation letter sample, you can get a FREE one here.


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W. Christopher Bracken, Formerly Of Mann Bracken…

W. Christopher Bracken has made a half-hearted attempt to conceal his affiliation with the newly formed collections firm of Kramer, Linkie, and Taylor. Scott Kramer, Matthew Linkie, and Keith Taylor are former Mann Bracken employees.

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Collection Agency Upset By Lawsuit Reference In Google Searches!

Here is a story about a collection agency upset by the fact that a reference to its involvement in a lawsuit showed up in Google searches.

This is a good reason to publicize the abuses of the debt collection industry!

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Northstar Location Services Admits They Cannot Validate Debts!

Go here to see a letter from Northstar Location Services, where they admit to being unable to validate a debt.

If a debt cannot be validated, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY IT. This means that in many cases, Northstar is bluffing. Call them on their bluff.


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